5 Modern Ways To Use Decorative Window Film For Your Business

Decorative window film can be the perfect way to give your business a fresh look and communicate information to your customers in a modern and unique way. From brightening up staircases to advertising a new product launch, check out these innovative ways to use decorative window film in your business.

1) Advertise a new product using decorative window film

If you have a new product or service to launch, decorative window film can be a bold and unique way to communicate this with clients and team members alike. If you have a huge canvas at your disposal, like the side of your building, make the most of it with custom decorative window film. Whatever message you want to get across, decorative window film could be the perfect way to catch your customer’s attention.

2) Add a pop of colour to glass staircases

If your office building has lots of glass panels around its stairwell, decorative window film can be used to add some colour and brighten up the space. Apply a brightly coloured window film to glass panels for a bold and contemporary look. You could choose your brand colours for a cohesive and professional look or even add your company name to the bottom of the panels.

3) Create more privacy for customers

Whether you own a luxury spa, dentist or salon, there are bound to be areas where customers need a little more privacy. If you have a glass partition wall that could do with a coverup, use a stunning patterned window film to create privacy without affecting natural light. We can print a huge range of designs on decorative window film, from company logos to frosted patterns and beautiful natural scenes.

4) Hide unsightly areas with a modern decorative film

Many businesses find that there are areas around their premises which don’t look quite as good as they should do. From bin stores to office clutter to potting sheds, if you have a window on your business with a less than perfect view, decorative window film is the perfect solution. You can also use decorative window film indoors to reduce visibility into certain areas, with subtle frosted patterns and a professional finish.

5) Build brand awareness with logo window film

If your office has several glass panels, use this space to show off your business logo, branding and colour palette with high-quality custom printed decorative window film. Logo window film can also be used on glass doors to add a company logo or business name for increased visibility in public areas. We can create a custom design that covers the whole panel, half or has a graded design so you can choose what best suits your office environment.

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