What’s the Cheapest Residential Window Tinting in Brisbane?

At Solarmaster, we have been providing quality and value residential window tinting in Brisbane since 1972.

We service homes and businesses in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas using our friendly and efficient team who have loads of expertise in the best type of tinting film for any size of property.

We sell only the best quality films, and fit these products to your window or door glass to guaranteed standards of workmanship.

Our window tinting services can save you money, give you security and make your property look great.

Family Values

As we are a family owned and run business here in Murrarie, we appreciate the value of supplying and fitting the best quality products at the best prices.

Our residential services give you the chance to make your home feel safer and more private, especially in the glorious sunshine our part of the world has on offer.

As we use the highest quality tinting film imported from the USA, our window residential tinting in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast comes with a lifetime warranty.

Although we cannot guarantee the weather, or whether your property may suffer break-in attempts or household accidents, we can guarantee that our window tinting will offer great protection whatever happens.

Solarmaster tinting preserves the integrity of your glass panels, in your windows and doors, by bonding completely to the interior surface of the glass to give it a high tensile inner lining, which will not shatter or splinter.

This not only offers you an added layer of security, it means that your family members will not be affected by broken glass shards or splinters in the event of any damage, whether accidental or deliberate.

Great Benefits

As well as safety and security, our window tinting is great value because it saves you money.

In our part of the world, glass in a building acts like a greenhouse by keeping heat in during the day. As the temperature rises, air conditioning kicks in, which is both costly and environmentally damaging.

By installing our window tinting, the heat of the sun is kept outside. Our excellent products still let all of the sun’s light in, without the air warming up.

We at Solarmaster were one of the first Australian companies to be rated by the Windows Energy Rating System (WERS), with many of our products receiving the top five star rating.

Our expert team will advise you of the best type of tinting for your home, so you get the best value product for your needs.


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Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly, expert team on 07 3890 0033 to see how Solarmaster Window Films can help transform your property and start saving you money.

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