Cool your workplace with window tint

As the spring turns into full summer, the costs of keeping your workplace cool will start rising excessively.

Many companies in Australia have large open spaces with high glass windows, which is the perfect combination for creating an office space that is overheated by 11am.

In order to combat excessive heat and high electricity bills, you might consider applying an office window tint to sun-facing windows.

Benefits of keeping the sun out of your office

There are several reasons why window tinting is the perfect solution to your overheating office.

Firstly, the tint is able to combat excessive cooling costs, which tend to rise from December to February and can end up costing thousands of dollars a year.

Commercial window tint blocks most of the sun from the building, preventing heat build-up.

Too much sun exposure can also cause problems with discolouration of fixtures and fittings.

If you have co-ordinated your interior to reflect your brand, then fading or stained furnishings are not going to serve your company well.

Window tinting may also prevent head pains and discomfort due to glare, which is increasingly common in a more IT- based world.

Other advantages of using window tint

Not only can you help to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your office and causing discomfort, but you can also benefit from the tint in other ways, including:

  • Privacy screening – protect your office and staff by preventing outsiders from seeing into your building
  • Protect wildlife – birds can see window film, making it less likely that they will fly straight into the glass of your office
  • Keep heat in – by creating another barrier, you prevent heat loss through glass
  • Add branding – you can add colour to your window tint to reflect the colours of your brand, or even have the film customised to reflect your business logo or company name

Shield yourself with window tint

Using office window tint will prevent you from becoming one of the many companies that struggles to cope with the hot summer months.

With more control over your office heating and light, you can set the perfect conditions to produce greater work efficiency, happier staff and a more relaxed atmosphere.

By adding a custom tint to your windows, you also create branding for your business which can be seen by passers-by and visitors, making it a worthwhile investment for your company,
both during the summer and even during the winter.

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