Home Window Tinting Saves You Money

If you’re looking for ways to cut down your energy bills, you should be seriously thinking about home window tinting.

While window tinting might not be the first thing that springs to mind for energy efficiency, it should be.

Imagine if there was another innovative way to save money on your household bills. We’d probably jump at it if an air-conditioner came out with an air intake that doubled as a ducted vacuuming system.

Taking control of your windows, here in the Brisbane area, can save you as much as turning the lights off.

There are other great reasons for window tinting, including a lower carbon footprint and good looks. Along with making your home look better, the bottom line is that it simply makes perfect sense all around.

Long-Term Investment

Having window tinting installed involves a relatively small initial outlay. But the savings that come with it make it a serious investment for the long-term.

Sunlight has a number of cost implications for homeowners in sunny Queensland. UV radiation damages carpets, curtains, furniture, and fabrics. Over time, you will no doubt need to replace these items. Shorter life can also be expected of sensitive electronic equipment exposed to too much UV.

Of course, it’s the heat inside your home that is the most obvious drain on your finances.

Air conditioning is almost mandatory for Queensland residents and it’s a major factor in domestic energy consumption in our state.

As our weather continues to hot up, being able to keep cool at home without losing your shirt, so to speak, will become even more important.

Energy Efficiency

Window tinting can allow natural light while stopping up to 99% of UV rays. Reducing energy absorption this way helps prevent the air in your home from heating up. Sun-powered heat gain in the home is cut by a massive 80%.

Australia introduced the window energy rating system (WERS) to measure how well windows perform in this regard. Home window tinting is a superbly efficient way of improving your WERS rating.

High-quality tinting, properly installed, reduces air conditioning costs by 35%, as studies have shown.

While you’re basking in the cooler comfort of your window-tinted home, think of how much money you’re saving.

More Information

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