How to Keep Your Cool

You probably know how miserable it is to work or relax in an environment that is too hot, especially during the summer months.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s hard to concentrate, which means it’s hard to get your job done and be productive.

At home, a hot house can affect your mood.

To counteract the heat, window tinting in Brisbane is just one easy way to do this.

Our services at Solarmaster Window Film can help, but read below for more tips to beat the heat.

Windows Tinting

As mentioned above, tinted windows are great for regulating the internal temperature of your space and keeping it cool when it’s hot outside.

By blocking some of the sun getting in, you won’t feel the rise in temperature to such a large degree.

Close the Blinds or Curtains

Closing your blinds or curtains helps keep the cool air inside by keeping the hot summer sun from glaring through the windows.

Some experts say this simple step can lower the temp inside 20 degrees and it’s easy to do and won’t cost you a dime.

Close the Doors Inside

This is really easy to do and super effective. Close the doors to the rooms you don’t use on a daily basis.

This helps keep the bulk of the cool air circulating through the parts of the house you use more often.

Change the Direction of the Ceiling Fans

During the heat of the summer, your ceiling fans should rotate in a counter clockwise.

That’s because the breeze generated from this creates a cooling effect that works its way down and through the room.

Go Downstairs

Since heat rises, the lower levels of your home are likely noticeably cooler than the upper levels.

If it’s feasible, consider moving most of your daily activities downstairs so that you don’t get overheated.

Maybe that means watching TV in the living room instead of your bedroom. It could even mean sleeping on the couch downstairs when the heat really soars.

Cook Outside

Using the oven or stove heats up the rest of the house so when it’s really hot inside, consider moving the cooking outside.

Use your grill or smoker to prepare meals or consider eating items that don’t have to be cooked.

Eating and drinking chilled foods and drinks also brings down your body’s internal temperature, helping you feel cooler even if the temperature hasn’t dropped at all.

Along with these tips, our window films are suitable for residential and commercial uses to ensure your kept cool wherever you are. We also supply security films and decorative films.

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