How to Protect Your Home from Harsh UV Rays

Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you’re protected from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to UV rays causes many problems throughout Australia.

As well as leading to skin cancer and eye damage in individuals, UV damages the property interiors of homes and businesses. Bleached and damaged furniture and decorative materials are testament to this.

Being a provider of home window tinting in and around Brisbane, Solar Master Window Film offers the perfect solution with a form of protection that is simple to install. It is also extremely effective.

Serious Problem

Harsh sunlight can damage everything from hardwood floors to TV sets. As we fill our homes with more and more technology, UV has the potential to cost us a lot of money. If UV radiation does that much damage to tough, manufactured polymers, can you imagine what it might do to the human body?

The Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) warns against the dangers of UV radiation. ARPANSA recommends finding shade to avoid UV. Did you notice, this is not the same thing as going indoors?

Through clear glass windows and doors, UV rays cause just as much damage as if you were outdoors.

If there is no UV protection on your windows, you would be well advised to wear sunscreen indoors. Alternatively, you could race around your home looking for the shady spots.

Simple Solution

The most effective way to protect your home, yourself, and your family from UV radiation is to have home window tinting installed.

Window tinting film reduces exposure to UV rays by up to 99%. This tinting involves applying a layer of film to the inside of glass windows, door panels, or any other glass.

The film is completely unobtrusive. It lets in as much actual light as the glass to which it adheres. That’s because it is specifically designed to block only the UV radiation.

There’s also an added benefit—it reduces glare. Whether direct or reflect off flat surfaces, glare is a pain you can do without.

Window tinting also helps reduce your power costs.

Window tinting film is incredibly strong and flexible. So that it can fit glass of any shape or size, the film is designed to be easily cut. In the hands of expert window tinting fitters, your whole home interior can be protected from UV in just one day.

Regardless of how old your windows, sliding doors or other glass fittings might be, adding window tinting film is like getting a brand new replacement. Modern glass-making techniques can provide UV protection, but this comes at a cost. In the majority of cases, professionally applied window tinting will achieve the same goal.

Find Out More

UV exposure is a big issue in Brisbane and South East Queensland. As ozone depletion remains a concern, we know the more protection we can get, the better.

Solar Master Window Film has stayed abreast of the latest technology since first becoming a provider of home window tinting in the area in 1972.
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