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When it comes to home window tinting in Brisbane, there’s no one better to call!

Solarmaster is a family-owned and operated home and office glass tinting business that has been offering excellent, reliable service to customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast since 1972. Australian-owned, our experienced consultants and Brisbane window tint installation team are able to help you find the best product for your residential needs.

With over 40 years’ experience, we’re experts in home and residential window tinting. We use only the leading brands like 3M Window Films and Llumar, always keeping up to date with the latest product developments so our customers always get the best possible solutions.

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From the time of quotation until installation, everyone I dealt with was punctual, polite and professional. They were competitively priced and the finished product looks great.

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Benefits Of Home Window Tinting

Privacy For Your Family

If privacy issues are a key factor at your place, Solarmaster’s solar film range has privacy properties to stop people seeing into your home, while providing the added benefit of reducing glare inside by up to 92%. That means Solarmaster glass tinting can have a dramatic effect on helping protect you and your family, along with your valuable belongings.

Save On Home Energy Bills With Window Film

Residential window tinting can reduce air-conditioning running costs by up to 35%, as well as show an 80% drop in internal heat gain. The range of films include products that can reduce a remarkable 99% of harmful UV rays, saving your wall, window, and floor coverings, as well as furniture and upholstery.

Solarmaster window films were one of the first in Australia to be WERS (window energy rating system) rated, with some products including a five-star rating. The five-star rating system is based on a reduction in heat gain, glare, and UV rays.

More Affordable  Window Upgrades

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your home’s windows, Solarmaster provides an optically clear film that can lift your existing external glass to the registered Human Impact code AS2208. Some of our residential window tinting even able to withstand bomb blasts, therefore saving you money without having to change all the glass in your home.

Window Film Provides Added Home Security 

All of Solarmaster’s security films are designed to keep intruders out of your property. If smashed or broken, the security safety films act as a binder to keep broken glass pieces stuck together, instead of fracturing in many directions. This reduces the risk of injury or further damage to your property.

Punctual, great to deal with, friendly service. Highly recommend their work.

We Only Use Leading Brands Like 3M For Home Window Tinting

At Solarmaster Window Film we use leading home window brands and products like 3M window films.

As the leading product in the market, 3M films are renowned for their strength and durability. In many cases, these films can last over ten years.

3M window tinting is specifically designed to allow natural sunlight into your home without any of the additional heat or UV rays.

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Along with adding value to your home in many ways, Solarmaster window films will instantly improve the appearance of your home, giving it a fresh modern look. Contact us today for a quote on our professional home window tinting services.



Home window tinting can help to reduce your energy bills in a number of ways. By blocking out UV rays during the summer months, so you don’t need to run you AC as much, while in the winter months, home window film helps to trap heat more effectively.

Energy Saving – Solarmaster Brisbane helps reduce up to 30% of energy costs, keeping your office cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Reduce Heat – Window tinting can help bring down sizzling summer temperatures by up to 80% with their interior heat reduction properties.

Privacy –tinted glass allows staff inside to see out, while people outside can’t see in.

Limit UV Damage – By blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays, your interiors are protected from fading and damage to office equipment, furniture, upholstery, window and floor coverings.

Better Security – Safety and security films help reduce the risk of injury and damage from glass breakages.

Enhance Appearance – Window tinting instantly improves the appearance of your commercial space.

No, home window films block UV light and heat but have specially designed properties which allow visible light through. This means your home won’t feel darker with window film. From the outside, your windows will appear dark enough to prevent people from looking in, which is ideal for both privacy and security. At Solarmaster, we can help you choose the right darkness level too. Find out more in our blog How Dark Is Home Window Tinting?

Home window tinting is great for helping keep your home warm during the winter months. Residential window film captures heat and retains it indoors, keeping more warmth inside.

Home window tinting has a number of benefits compared to traditional blinds. While blinds do improve privacy, window tinting gives you privacy with the added benefit of being able to keep your windows and views clear. Home window tinting also reflects heat and controls glare.

With over 40 years’ experience supplying and installing residential window tinting throughout Brisbane, Solarmaster Window Film are your window tinting experts. We use the latest in window film technology at affordable prices and are passionate about providing a first class customer experience. For more information about our home window tinting products, get in touch with us today.

Solarmaster will give your office a modern and professional look as well as help lower running costs!