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For expert window tinting in Brisbane, you can’t beat Solarmaster Window Film. Operating in Brisbane since 1972, our window tinting technicians have been supplying and installing a range of residential and commercial window film for over 40 years.

At Solarmaster Window Film, we only use the best products available at competitive prices. We offer affordable, attractive options for residences and businesses alike. Designed for privacy, UV-protection, energy efficiency and to add a fresh aesthetic to your home or office. Solarmaster is backed by the knowledge and experience to find the best product for your needs. With window film on your glass, you can rest assured your home or office will have reduced glare, lower energy costs and decreased glare throughout the day.

For all your Brisbane window tinting needs, get in touch with our team today. Contact us online or call us on 07 3890 0033 for a quote today.


Due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus we are taking steps to help protect the health and safety of our customers and staff while continuing to provide you the best possible service.

  • All installers will check in with you prior to entry to your home or office.
  • All Installers have and wear gloves.
  • All installers have and use hand sanitiser.
  • All installers have disinfectant and paper towels.
  • All installers have masks to use when necessary.
  • All installers take their rubbish with them when they leave.
  • All installers are fit and healthy.
  • Our staff are practicing Social Distancing and staying positive.
  • Our staff have not travelled interstate or internationally in the past 6 months.
  • Tools and equipment are being disinfected after every job.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers and staff, we have also completed the Department of Health Infection Control Training - COVID 19.

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Large modern designed home - home window tinting Brisbane

Home Window Tinting Brisbane

At Solarmaster Window Film we supply and install high quality home window tinting for residential properties throughout the wider Brisbane region. With leading brands at competitive prices, our home window tinting technicians will keep your windows and home secure. Find out more about our home window film services

Commercial office building - office window tinting Brisbane

Office Window Tinting Brisbane

Keep your office cool and protected with our expert commercial and office window tinting. We specialise in office window tinting products and have a commercial window film product to suit any office space. Save energy and reduce heat and glare in your commercial space today.

security window film to protect against graffiti

Security Window Film Brisbane

Protect your home with durable and effective security window film. With our penetration resistant 3M security film, easy access to your property will be a thing of the past. Secure your home today with protective security film.


1. How Much Is Window Tinting?

The cost of your window tint in Brisbane will depend on several factors, such as the number of windows that you want to be tinted and the size of your home or commercial windows (smaller windows will have a lower surface area to tint). Other factors include whether your home or commercial windows are currently tinted (this will need to be removed first) and the type of window tint you’d like.

2. What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a window film to the inside of your windows to reduce heat and glare. You'll also be better protected against UV radiation.

For quality results, window film needs to be cut to the exact shape and size of your window and the glass should be cleaned before the film is applied.

3. How Long Do We Leave Our Property With You?

While it generally takes two to three hours to carry out a window tint job in Brisbane, the process could take longer if your commercial or residential windows already have tints on them that need to be removed first. Obviously, the number and size of the windows to be tinted are other factors we'll need to take into consideration.

4. What Should I Do After The Window Tint Has Been Applied?

You need to leave your windows closed for a minimum of two days. If you open the windows, the tint could peel off. 
When it comes to cleaning the tint, you need to use a tint-safe window cleaner and a clean cloth.

home window tinting Brisbane QLD

Home Window Tinting Brisbane

Experts In Home Window Tinting When it comes to home window tinting in Brisbane, there’s no one better...

Commercial Window Tinting Brisbane

Office Window Tinting Brisbane

Experienced & Effective Office Window Tinting At Solarmaster Window Film, we specialise in office window tinting in Brisbane....

Anti-Graffiti Security Window Film

Security Window Film Brisbane

Protective Security Window Film Installation Safety & security window film in Brisbane is a valuable addition to any...

Reduce Energy Costs With Window Tinting

Reap the rewards of lower power bills with Solarmaster window films to help improve energy efficiency and contribute to a cleaner environment. Glass windows, walls and doors have a huge impact on insulation in your home and business.

Untreated glass provides little thermal protection, however, Solarmaster window films can help reduce UV rays in summer by up to 82% providing a cooler, more comfortable living environment. Solarmaster window films can also help prevent heat loss during winter, keeping your interiors warm and costly throughout the colder months.

Leaders In Brisbane Window Tinting

At Solarmaster Window Film, we only use the highest quality window films for residential and commercial window tinting available like 3M™ Window Films. Our wide range of colours and shade means that we have a solution to suit your needs. Whether you have blinds, curtains or other window treatments, with our quality window tinting, you can ensure the comfort, energy efficiency, and feel of any space in your Brisbane home & office. Our expert technicians can help you choose the right tinting product for your home and budget.

Why Choose Solarmaster for your window tint?

Here at Solarmaster, we use quality window film to cut out glare, improve privacy and reduce energy costs. We have been operating for over 40 years and our professional installers know everything there is to know about commercial and home window tinting.

It can be tempting to try and attempt to install a window film yourself. There are affordable products available and it all looks very doable, but this is not the case. There are many different types of window film, so it's not a case of “one size fits all”. Some films are designed specifically for privacy and some for energy conservation.

They also come in a variety of thicknesses, which will vary according to what the film is needed for. For security, the thickness starts at 4mm and increases from there. There are also variations in the level of glare reduction and UV blocking, which are very confusing for the novice installer.

Thanks to Solarmaster's experience in the industry, we can advise on the type of film you need for your windows.

We also offer a wide range of different films, whether it’s solar film to save money on energy costs and protect your home from sun damage, security window film, anti-graffiti film or even decorative window film and signage to promote a business.

Why put yourself through the hassle of trying to do it yourself when Solarmaster Window Tinting can do it all for you at a reasonable price?

  • We needed our business logo placed on the windows of our office, and are so glad we went with Solarmaster! Our office looks better than ever, and the service was great. Very happy with how it’s turned out.


  • The service was great, everything was finished quickly, and it looks great. We are very happy with how our new window film has turned out. Thanks Solarmaster!


  • From the rep giving a quote to the workman who installed the solar film , no complaints. Solarmaster did a great job getting the new glass installed so the solar film could be completed in the same day. Very Impressed.


Features Of Solarmaster Window Film

Passionate Team

Supplying and installing an extensive range of high quality window films, the Solarmaster team is passionate about working hard to make sure all of our clients are completely satisfied with their window film installation.

Full of benefits

Whether it’s a new building development or you’re considering a home makeover, protective window films come with plenty of benefits. Safety films to protect your family and staff; reduces running day-by-day costs.

Customer Service

Solarmaster endeavours to provide a first class experience with every project the team undertakes. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about a window film installation servers and hope to work with you soon.

Save Money

The Solarmaster range includes: solar films to help reduce energy costs and protect interiors from harsh UV rays.


Security films to help avoid injury from shattered glass and intruder break-ins; decorative films for custom business branding.


Professional obscure-view tinting in varying privacy levels to block external visibility; and anti-graffiti solutions to protected against vandalizing


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