Benefits of Window Tint for Your Building in Brisbane

Here at Solarmaster Window Film we have been providing window tint film to residences and commercial buildings for many years. We have been installing window tints in Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 1972.  In case you haven’t considered it before, we would like to explain the benefits of a window tint. Window tinting can make a difference to both residential and commercial properties. 

Benefits of Window Tints

  • It helps seal in air conditioning so that the cooled air doesn’t dissipate through the windows which means it also reduces your running costs. 
  • In colder months it helps keep heat in, again reducing energy costs.
  • Tinting blocks harmful ultraviolet light rays. Ultraviolet penetration can be reduced up to 99%. These rays can have potential harmful effects on your skin.
  • During the summer months, window tints can reduce built-up heat gain by as much as 80%.
  • By sealing in heat or by keeping in cool air you can maintain a constant temperature and ensure a comfortable working or home environment.
  • The window glare factor can also be reduced by 90%. 
  • The film enables you to look out without any impaired visibility but obscures the view of anyone outside trying to see into your property. This is especially good for homes that have large windows. It also acts as another layer of security for you and your family. Window tints may also discourage potential thieves. They won’t be able to see if you are a possible target for burglary.  
  • The window tint is strongly bonded to the panes and if the glass becomes shattered or broken through accident or malicious damage it helps to hold the glass together. It prevents flying glass or the collapse of the pane, thereby reducing the risk of injury to you, your family, or employees.
  • Glass bathroom doors or windows can be covered by a special frosted glass film.
  • The tinted film is great for interior glass doors, when you want light, but also privacy.
  • Windows tints give an appealing aspect to your building, in other words, it looks dead cool!
  • Our window tints can incorporate business logos or slogans as a permanent source of advertising.
  • Our tints carry a 10 year warranty.

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Our technicians are fast and efficient, so there’s very little inconvenience to you or your business. If you have an improvement in mind, why not contact us here at Solarmaster Film for information and a quote. For more information on window tinting, read our previous blog on Tips To Keeping Your Window Tint Pristine.