What is the cost of window tinting?

The cost of window tinting is a variable that cannot be contained in a simple quote, however the financial benefits of installing window film in your home in Brisbane far outweigh the initial outlay.

When it comes to added value to your home, the reduction in UV damage to your interiors and extra privacy, you’ll start to see the cost of window tinting in Brisbane is a must from the experts at Solarmaster Window Film.

Factors to take into account

There are lots of factors that need to be determined to provide a correct estimation of the cost of window tinting.

  1. What size are your windows?

Film can be produced for any sized window, even very high windows or hard-to-reach glass.

  1. How many windows do you want tinted?

Is it the whole house or commercial building or just the problematic “sunny side of the home”?

  1. Your choice of clear or coloured film.

Maybe you’d like to give your building a completely fresh look and choose a different colour or shade?

  1. What is the main purpose of having your windows tinted?

Maybe, it is because you would like to reduce the UV rays to protect your interior carpets and furniture from sun damage and fading.

  1. Would you like more privacy to stop people being able to see inside your home or business?

There are frosted or printed films available, so you can gain additional privacy while advertising your business logo at the same time.

Security is another great benefit. Certain window films can eliminate window damage due to accidents and acts of nature by holding the glass together so it doesn’t shatter and cause injury.

Security films greatly reduce the risk of breaking and entering or flying shards from accidental breakages.

There are many options available so you can find a product in our range of window tinting in Brisbane that helps reduce glare and energy costs while adding security.

So maybe the question should be:

What is the cost of NOT tinting windows? 

Window tinting reduces energy costs, but you may be surprised by how much.

Window tinting can help reduce your air conditioning costs in summer by as much as 35%, and with the resistance to 82% of UV light it will give you a cooler living space or working environment.

In the colder months the film reduces heat loss by adding an additional barrier, therefore insulating and providing a warmer, cosier building.

It can also add value to your home, improving the overall appearance and giving it a modern, stylish image.

We at Solarmaster Window Films were one of the very first window tint suppliers in Australia to be WERS rated, (window energy rating system), and we have a range of products that have been awarded 5 stars for the WERS rating.

Window tinting in Brisbane has never been so easy, you can find even more details on our website below, and get an accurate quote to tell you exactly what the cost of window tinting your home or business is likely to be.

To find out more about effective ways to reduce heat in your home or office contact us on 07 3890 0033 or visit our contact us page to get a quote on window tinting for your home or office.

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