How much does window tinting cost in Brisbane?

Whether at home or in the office, it sometimes feels that there is no escaping the Brisbane sunshine. From battling against sun glare on your screen to rising temperatures at home, too much sun can be a serious concern indoors.

Thankfully, there is a range of different products available to help you obscure the sun and enjoy some shade while indoors. Available for the home or workplace, window tinting has a range of benefits to help keep the sun out. This article will look at how much does it cost to tint your windows in your property in Brisbane and how to find the right choice for your needs.


Things to consider before tinting your windows

There are a lot of factors to consider when pricing window tints for your property:

  • The type of film used
  • The removal of any old tints
  • The number and size of windows being tinted

You can expect to pay somewhere around $60 per square meter of film for a standard tint, without additional labor costs. To get a more accurate estimate of pricing, please call us and speak to one of our professionals at Solarmaster Window Film.


Can you choose between different products that would make the price cheaper?

Window tinting a property is usually a bespoke service that is designed to meet your needs and budget. Depending on what you are looking for, there are different tints available across a spectrum of prices. Some of the more popular tints on the market include:Professional Window tinting Brisbane


Try to think about how window tinting will best serve your needs so that you can make the right choice without paying for additional features that you do not require.


What benefits do tinted windows in Brisbane provide?

There is a huge range of benefits that are associated with window tinting in Brisbane, largely in part due to the relentless sun. Window tinting can provide the following benefits:


  • Reduces the glare from sunlight
  • Greater privacy indoors
  • Improved insulation reduces your need to use air conditioning
  • Reduces the absorption of heat from the sun
  • Protects your interiors from harmful ultraviolet light
  • Strengthens the integrity of windows

Depending on the type of tinting, you can end up saving a substantial amount of money on energy bills as well as adopting a more efficient way to manage heat in your property.

Is it worth it?

If you live or work in an area that receives a lot of sunshine throughout the year, then window tinting is a fantastic option that is well worth the price of film and installation. As well as making your indoor space more comfortable, window tinting can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

If you have a question about home window tinting, contact us today and speak with one of our specialists at Solarmaster Window Film today. With almost 50 years of industry experience, we can offer you the best advice and services for window tinting across Brisbane be it for your home or for commercial office windows.

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