How Security Window Film Can Protect Your Home

These days home security is more important than ever. In the last few months, Brisbane has seen a spike in the number of reported incidents of unlawful entry, stealing from dwellings, and theft from vehicles.

In February alone, 1353 cases of unlawful entry in the Brisbane region reported to Queensland Police, an increase of 25.6% from December.

With more and more people working from home due to the impacts of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), keeping your valuables and belongings safe is a top priority. While keeping your all your doors and windows locked is a great first step, additional security measures like security window film can help foil even the most seasoned burglars.

Why Do I Need Security Window Film? 

When faced with locked and doors and windows, and no spare key in sight, burglars will take a more forceful approach to gain entry to your home. In most cases, this means smashing your windows.

Across Australia almost half of all break-ins resulted in property damage, with common evidence of a break-in from damaged doors and windows in 47% of cases.

So how does security window film work? And how can it help protect your home?

How Security Film Protects Your Windows (And Your Home) 

Security window film creates a strong, almost invisible protective layer that holds broken glass together when it’s smashed. Made from layers of polyester bonded by adhesives, window film reinforces the glass and ensures that it doesn’t shatter.

Window security films are generally thicker (between 4mm to 15mm) than regular window tinting film. The thicker the film, the more durable they are and less likely to be punctured or torn due to broken glass.

In addition, most security window films are penetration and tear-resistant. This means even if thieves do try to smash your window, there’s an additional layer of security they have to get through.

Not only does the security film prevent glass shattering throughout our home, but this is often enough to deter burglars hoping for a quick smash and grab.

With this penetrative barrier, your windows and home are safe from unwanted intruders.

Advantages Of Using Window Film

While there are other methods of securing your windows, for example security screens, there are a few advantages to using window film.

Added Safety For Your Family

Anyone with children will know how easy it is to accidentally smash a window. With security film, you won’t have to worry about your children potentially falling through a glass window or door, or getting injured from sharp fragments of broken glass.

Protection From Severe Weather

As well as protection from criminals, security film provides an added layer from extreme weather. High winds, hail and other storm events often results in broken windows. Not only does security film prevent shattered windows, it will also stop water getting into your home when your windows do break.

Better Visibility

Unlike bulky security screens, window film is barely detectable and allows for natural light to come into your home. You’ll also be able to keep the beautiful views you have from your window without any obstructions.

Get In Touch For Added Security

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