How Much Does Window Tinting in Brisbane Cost?

At Solarmaster, we have been providing the highest quality and best value window tinting in Brisbane since 1972.

With all that experience, we can cut the cost of your tinting by providing the best advice for your house or business, to make sure you get the right product for the job.

Our customers are delighted with the difference our window films make to their properties.

They can bring privacy and protection, as well as making your home or office look great. Our window tinting solutions also save you money by saving energy.

The best window tinting

As an established Brisbane business, we at Solarmaster are proud to be a family owned and run operation.

Being rooted in the area, we know the effects the glorious sunshine and gail-force winds can have on any home or business.

Glass panels in windows and doors are vital to making any premises feel great to live and or work in.

While double-glazing can be expensive, applying solar film to your glass is very affordable and has many of the same benefits.

It is also much quicker and cleaner to install, meaning your home or place of work feels less like a building site while we get to work.

Modern technology has led to new film products, which are highly efficient for keeping out powerful light and harmful rays from the sun.

They are also manufactured to add safety to glass by holding it together in the event of a collision or attempted break-in.

Window Tinting Options

As window tinting in Brisbane has developed over the years, so have we at Solarmaster.

We still have the same friendly, family service and attitude, combined with state of the art products to suit the size of your home or business.

Our residential tinting range is particularly valued for the added privacy it brings.

No matter how bright the sunshine, having a high quality solar film on your window and door panels gives you the comfort of knowing the outside world stays where it is – outside.

For families with small children, this is often a priceless alteration to your home, at a price that is very reasonable.

Businesses on the Gold Coast use our services for a number of reasons.

Glare from the sun can cause havoc in offices where employees rely on computer monitors to do their jobs.

Solarmaster installs film that reduces glare by up to 92%, making your employees much happier and more productive.

By eliminating the heating effects of the sun your business can save on the cost of air conditioning.

This can be a huge burden for many businesses in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

As well as cutting down on the bottom line, this also reduces your carbon footprint.

While this is good for the environment full stop, it also helps businesses to comply with increasingly stringent state and nationwide energy efficiency standards.

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