Reduce UV Rays and Heat with Home Window Tinting

The sub-tropical climate in South-East Queensland is a big challenge for homeowners, with the balmy Gold Coast summer heat lasting as long as 9 months.

While it is frequently hot and humid, it can be wet and wild and vulnerable to flash flooding.

For home and business owners, the heat and damage from UV exposure can be a real headache.

Domestic customers at Solarmaster Window Film trust our home window tinting expertise to help reduce bills and increase comfort.

This simple but effective measure can have a massive impact on the health and wealth of your home.

Harmful Effects

Ultra-violet rays are very damaging to not only upholstery but buildings and people, as well.

As medical science increasingly shows us, this damage can build up over time without us noticing.

Plenty of natural light is lovely, but we don’t want lots of health-harming radiation.

We’ve all seen the bleaching effect UV can have on our walls, floors and furniture.

The cost of replacing these is high enough on its own to merit prevention.

Home window tinting can increase the value of your home’s possessions and fittings. It is an excellent barrier which is discreet and cost effective.

The properties of glass mean that it lets in light and keeps in heat. That’s why greenhouses are almost completely glass.

Here on the Gold Coast, our exposure to the sun is particularly high.

Window tinting is a superbly efficient way of avoiding having to live or work in your very own greenhouse.

Cost Effective

As a leading Gold Coast supplier of home window tinting, we know the financial benefits of using this technology.

Our American-produced tinting films are so advanced they reduce UV exposure and heat build-up by a huge amount.

For example, window tinting can cut the glare in your home by a huge 92%.

This can help you sleep better and enjoy daily life with your family.

Glare from television screens and monitors is not something to be taken lightly these days. Window tinting solves these problems at a stroke.

Our tinting film applications avoid the build-up of heat in your home. This means you do not have to spend money on air conditioning costs.

With properly applied window tinting, you can cut your air conditioning costs by more than a third.

This also lessens the burden on your AC system, which gives it a longer lifespan.

As a domestic customer, you will qualify for a lifetime warranty for your window tinting.

Whatever happens to the ozone layer, you will have the best UV protection for your home.

This is something worth thinking about.

Find Out More

For more about the benefits of home window tinting, get in touch with the team at Solarmaster Window Film.

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