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Experienced & Effective Office Window Tinting

At Solarmaster Window Film, we specialise in office window tinting in Brisbane. With significant glass surface areas on many Brisbane office buildings and commercial spaces, office window tinting is an ideal solution for reducing your overall energy costs, glare and keeping cool during work hours.

Solarmaster was established in Brisbane, in 1972, and is a family owned and operated home and office window tinting business, backed by the largest group of commercial window tinting networks in Australasia. Solarmaster has a dedicated team of experienced consultants and tinting installation technicians, who are here to help you find just the right product for your business needs. When it comes to window tinting in Brisbane, we’re your local experts.

If you’re in need of office window tint or commercial window film, get in touch with our expert team today. Call us on 07 3890 0033 for a quote or contact us online.

Leading Commercial Window Tinting Brands

Solarmaster uses leading Australian and United States-manufactured brands, which each have a minimum warranty of 10 years, providing enduring protection for your office space.

If you have lots of glass in your commercial space, including windows, walls and doors, Solarmaster’s 3M decorative film range can be custom printed with your logo, business message and images. Using a digital print service, Solarmaster can replicate any design you can think of.


Benefits Of Tinting For Your Commercial Space

Lower Energy Costs For Your Commercial Office

Solarmaster window tinting helps reduce your business running costs with our large product range of window films. We have ranges suitable for thermal protection, lowering energy consumption and reducing glare therefore helping staff concentration and improving productivity. Solar window films can reduce heat gain by up to 80%, A/C running costs drop by up to 35%, glare is lessened by up to 92%, while a significant 99% of UV rays is cut, helping to safeguard your staff, office equipment and property.

Solarmaster window films are WERS (window energy rating system) rated, with many products having received a five-star rating. Five star-rated films are tested for heat reduction, diminished glare and protection against UV rays.

Improved Office Glass Safety

Safety is paramount in any office environment, therefore Solarmaster provides optically clear film that can bring your existing external glass up to the level of the registered Human Impact code AS2208. This superior security option is also budget-friendly because you don’t have the replace all the glass.

The entire range of security films are designed to keep intruders out of your commercial property. Security and safety films are designed to reduce further injury and damage caused by shattering broken glass fragments being scattered around your office.


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Solarmaster window applications will give your office a more modern and professional look as well as help lower running costs and keeping your budgets in line. Contact us for a quote today.


Yes, office window tinting can act as an effective deterrent to thieves. With commercial window tinting, would be thieves are unable to see the contents of your office, while applying security film also helps prevent glass shattering when smashed.

Our team has been supplying and install commercial and office window film for over 40 years. We use leading brands at competitive prices and all our products come with a minimum warranty of 10 years. Solarmaster’s 3M decorative office film range can also be applied with your custom logo and designs.

Window film has a number of benefits when applied in commercial settings. By reducing glare, and UV light, office window tinting can help lower your overall energy costs. It also helps protect your office furniture and carpets from fading over time. In addition Solarmaster’s clear film will bring your external glass up to the level of the registered Human Impact code AS2208 for improved safety.

Solarmaster will give your office a modern and professional look as well as help lower running costs!