What is the Window Tinting Installation Process?

At Solarmaster Window Film, we have been installing tinted windows in Brisbane since 1972. Our expert window tinting technicians make the installation process easy and quick whether you want window tinting for your family home or a whole office block. All of our expert Brisbane window tinting technicians are experienced, insured and qualified so you can trust us to complete your job to the very highest standards.

What steps are involved with the window tinting installation process?

There are a number of steps involved in the window tinting installation process. First of all our technicians will measure the windows that need tinting and cut the window film to size. The next stage is making sure that the windows are completely clean before the film is applied, and our expert technicians will clean the windows thoroughly and prepare them for the adhesion process.

The film is then installed on the interior of the window through a method using soapy water and a squeegee to make sure the tinting is secured correctly. The film cannot be reapplied so we make sure it is perfect every time before we go.

After we have installed the film onto your windows, we will clean up and give you comprehensive instructions on how to take care of your tinted windows.

Preparing for installation

Dependent on how many windows you need tinting, there are a few important things to do before the window tinting installation process. Before we provide you with a quote, we’ll ask you for rough measurements of the windows, but don’t worry about being too precise, our technicians will measure everything accurately on the day before cutting the film to size.

We also need clear access to the windows, so any furniture should be moved away. It is also important that you clear everything off any windowsills too. We’ll bring all of the correct equipment, and make sure we don’t leave any mess!

Window tinting maintenance

After we have installed your new window tinting, we ask that you don’t touch or disturb the film for around thirty days. It can take a couple of weeks for the window film to fully adhere to the glass so make sure you wait. You can clean your windows with warm soapy water after this, and it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals or using anything that could damage the surface.

Regular cleaning of your tinted windows helps to minimise dirt build-up, and as our window tinting can last for years, it is worth looking after them correctly. Try and avoid cleaning the edges of the tinted window as the film is most vulnerable to damage here.

At Solarmaster Window Film, we only use the highest quality window films and our team of technicians can answer any window tinting maintenance questions you have.

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