What is a Window Energy Rating System?

As one of the Gold Coast’s longest established glass tinting businesses, we at Solarmaster are at the leading edge of glazing solutions for commercial and residential properties.

We are a family-run and owned business providing window tinting in Brisbane.

Our window tinting can help save you money on your heating bills while increasing the value of your property.

As consultants and installers who maintain the highest standards, we are proud holders of an excellent record on the Windows Energy Rating System (WERS).

Hot and Cold

At Solarmaster, we know that windows can have a dramatic effect on the environment within a building, be it a business or a home.

Modern technology has made it possible to use the glass windows and doors in your premises to make your building very comfortable.

This technology also makes your building more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, all at the same time.

In the past, windows have acted as an energy sieve.

Untinted or single glazed panes can either lose heat from the inside of a home or office, or allow energy from the sun to heat the air inside, very much like a greenhouse.

Especially here on the Gold Coast, build up of heat throughout the day can be a real problem for residents and workers.

As heat increases throughout the day, those buildings with air conditioning will expend a lot of money trying to ease the situation.

Those without a solution will just find the heat unbearable.

With the latest technology, windows are now able to act as excellent energy conservers.

When properly installed, window and door units can prevent heat loss or gain by around 90%.

This means saving a lot of money, either on heating or cooling.

Top Rating

To assess the efficiency of heat preservation or protection, our industry introduced WERS.

At Solarmaster, we were one of the first companies to be rated by the system.

As a premier supplier of window tint in Brisbane, we knew we would be highly rated, and we were right.

We have five-star WERS ratings on many of our products.

Tinting windows here on the Gold Coast has a number of benefits in terms of window efficiency, as well as in plenty of other areas.

We attach window films to your glass panes, which can help reduce the glare from the sun by up to 92%.

This is especially useful for businesses, and also reduces much more of the sun’s emissions.

We have film that reduces UV exposure inside your property by up to 99%.

While exposure to UV radiation is harmful to skin, it also damages your furniture, wall and floor coverings over time.

Our professional tinting also reduces heat build up dramatically. Tests have shown an 80% reduction in heat gain using our products.

This can equate to a reduction in air conditioning costs of 35%.

Take a Closer Look

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