Does Window Tint Add Value to Your Home?

We all know that adding tint to car windows can increase the value of the vehicle by reducing the heat inside the car and preventing fading. However, only a few homeowners take this knowledge, and realise that it can also be applied to their home. When you bring in Solar Master Window Film to install window tint in your Brisbane home, you could boost the value of the house.

Keep UV damage to a minimum

Just like the inside of your car, your home could also suffer problems with fading from UV light. In fact, it can be made even worse in a home due to the use of large picture windows, patio doors and French windows, all of which allow more UV light into the home.

Reduce fading

The damage the UV light inflicts on the property can include fading of furnishings such as sofas, rugs and carpets. It can also include fading of wallpaper or paint, or damage to artworks. UV light may also fade photographs and book covers.

Keep more heat outside

During the summer, your energy bills go through the roof as you try to keep your house cool. Window tinting helps you to reduce these gills by limiting the amount of heat that comes into the property, cutting back on AC use. Solar Master Window Film recommends that you make use of window tinting to increase energy efficiency in the home.

Reduce glare

With the rise in mobile phones and tablets, sunlight glare can be a problem for people inside your home. Stop light from bouncing off of TV screens, hand-held devices or PCs by reducing the amount of sunlight without the need for curtains or blinds.

Stop prying eyes

Just as celebrities prevent people from looking into their cars by using dark tint, so you can keep people from nosing in through your windows with the use of tinting film. You can deter intruders by making it harder to see what valuables and security precautions you have, and enhance your privacy by keeping nosy neighbours away.

Add value with us

If you think that you can add more value to your home by installing a window tint, Brisbane residents can get a great service by calling Solar Master Window Film today. We can help you to decide if this is the best option for you, and give you plenty of tints to choose from. Just contact us today by calling 07-3890-0033 for a quote now.

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